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Metanoia Gardens

Metanoia Gardens

From around the World

Look out further,
Beyond your eyes usual reach,
And you'll see a place,
Nestled in green,
It might vanish after a second,
It might pop into a bubble shower,
But if you're lucky,
If the air is right,
You'll find it,
And if you do,
You'll never be the same again.

~Prem Mayo 1/12/17


When I drove out of Metanoia and rounded the first corner I was in floods of tears, partly out of gratitude and partly out of sadness. You were right to warn me of the come down of leaving. My heart had become very sensitive from being around all of you with your shining, still, loving eyes.

I could feel that quality reflected in myself as soon as you greeted me with that lovely warm hug on the first day Nirvano and I think it grew every day I was there. I feel like I only scratched the surface with you all in the short time I was there.

I had so many questions arise on my drive back down to Sydney that I wish I had asked each of you. Guess it will have to wait till next time.

I've got a lot of admiration and respect for the life you've all chosen to live up there. I'm under no illusion that it is an easy path to confront your own shit each day in front of a close knit community without the constant distractions that life down here in the big smoke allows, let alone making the initial decision to leave the ego-machine of career progression, mortgages and unconscious family structures. 

I'm still down here drinking in the fear, closed heartedness and delusion for now but it's motivating to know you're all up there polishing your hearts. 

I think I'll go and have a dance in my room and pretend you're all there with me. 

On my time up there I often thought of a beautiful song I'd heard by Jonny Flynn & Laura Marling called "the water" about death or transcendence, however you'd like to interpret it. Maybe you could play it at satsang one night. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/a4QQ7HYYdWw

Anyway till I see you all again.
All my love
Chris xx


" To my" little piece of paradise Ashram family,

Thank you so much for your generosity, your laughter, your presence and your spirit. Thank you for turning my frown upside down and for restoring my faith in dreams and compassion. I walked in here feeling depleted and praying for self-forgiveness and the opportunity to escape my tears and nonsense and return to a place of joy and gratitude. I can assure you I leave now feeling elated and such an improvement in my self-worth. I love humanity and I feel such a sense of lightness around my heart. I wanted to be a better healer and a more committed and dedicated "light worker" and I feel that I can become all these things just by practicing what I have learned in this ashram. I never knew that life could be such a joyful thing and I am so very grateful that I took the time to fall in love with the ashram and everyone in it. I love you all, stay wonderful!

~Love Prem Preetam 30/11/17


This place is a hidden paradise! I had an awesome time, feeling so much love and support like never before in my life. I got the chance to make heart connections to every single person, but also faced many of my demons, learned about attachments and how to let go. I am grateful to everybody who was part of this unforgettable experience and hope this place will help many more people who are willing to transform.

~ Love and Blessings!!!!" Andrea from Germany


On the drive back something clicked and I realised that pride has been corrupting me for a long time now and has been the cause of so much of my difficulties, even while I was at the ashram. I couldn't let go of what I thought I knew, even when it is so obvious that it hasn't been serving me. I think pride also obscured my ability to see the love that was there and certainly from you which in hindsight is so obvious to me now. Hopefully this realisation (and all the other things I learnt) was the purpose and function of my visit. A lot of gratitude to you and love and I just want to say sorry because pride is such a deadly sin, such a destructive demon and I now know it was there almost every time I spoke to you. It's amazing, I thought I was so aware but it slipped into almost all aspects of my life. 

I want to say thankyou with love but the love that I've had has been tinged with pride for so long it doesn't even feel authentic when I say it, it makes me want to cry, but immense gratitude.

~Ryan from Sydney 31/10/17


Greetings from the outside world. It's been an interesting couple of days. Melanie and I have been having a beautiful time together. We both felt heartbroken when we left the Ashram, and a real sense of loss. But we've been exploring society with new eyes and it's been an amazing experience. The advice of going out and "being the light" was completely inspiring and I feel that's how it's been. I've felt such a sense of love and warmth towards people, that I never felt before. I want to smile and hug everyone, and I actually enjoy having conversations with strangers (which use to make me feel a bit sick!). That's not to say it's all been easy. We suffered some serious culture shock, and society now seems so rough and chaotic. Hearing people speak in aggressive tones and have arguments has been very odd too. There will be tests ahead for me, particularly seeing my family over Christmas and dealing with all that. But everything we do we try to remember the sense of openness and love we found at the Ashram. All of you are in our hearts, and we feel such gratitude towards our Ashram family. I'll stay in touch.

~ Love and blessings, Joe from England 3/12/17

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