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Metanoia Gardens
About us

Metanoia Gardens

About Us

Welcome to Sadhana, a modern spiritual commune nestled in the lush greenery of Metanoia Gardens where friends can come to relax, meditate, and transform themselves through a simple lifestyle. We are an oasis of regeneration and tranquility surrounded by subtropical gardens that have been created over the years by friends who love to live in harmony with nature. 

"A commune is a place where seekers gather together, where lovers of truth hold hands with each other, where meditators share their experiences with each other, and where people feel that they are not alone." ~Osho

Living in nature shows us the way to live naturally in stillness, spontaneity, and abundance. We welcome visitors and prospective new residents to share our experimental way of living. 

We are a group of friends on a journey experiencing life in the moment, learning to bring awareness to everything we do. Over time, this awareness helps move us from living purely in the mind of resistance and non-acceptance to a life of joy and inner peace.

We are a diverse and non-sectarian group of friends. We have an easy attitude of living simply with other like-minded people.

Our lifestyle includes:

  • Meditation (movement and stillness)
  • Music, Singing and Dancing
  • Physical Exercise: Bushwalking/Yoga/Qi Gong
  • Quiet reflection, introspection
  • Visiting other natural settings; waterfalls, national parks, beaches
  • Sweat Lodge and swimming in the creek

These are just a few ways in which we enjoy our life here, we welcome healthy, inspiring cooperation from everyone living at the ashram.


Metanoia Gardens


A few basic understandings:

Metanoia Gardens is a place for grounding, for keeping in tune with life, for looking deeper within oneself. While this journey may not be easy, transformation happens at its own pace and brings joy, love, and awareness to our daily life.

As a guest it is important to resonate with the spirit of the ashram, showing commitment to your own personal transformation; developing awareness of how to live in harmony with yourself, with others and with nature.  In joining us we invite you to share in our commitment to living naturally, sustainably and consciously. 

Our ashram is a retreat from regular society, a time to move inwards. While here, it is beneficial if you take a break from electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, etc). Please let your family and friends know that they can contact you here in case of an emergency via phone or email.


Please note we are not a drug rehabilitation centre or a medical facility and we are unable to receive people who are emotionally or mentally unstable, addicted to drugs and alcohol or suffering the comedown effects of these substances.




Food & wellbeing

We grow much of our own organic vegetables and fruits on the land and most of our other produce is supplied by a friendly local organic food co-operative. We provide healthy vegetarian meals to our guests and residents. We germinate our grains and legumes to enhance digestibility. We ensure that plenty of raw food options are available. We eat communally and our emphasis here is on conscious eating.


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