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In the subtropical Byron Bay Hinterland of Australia, at the outer rim of the majestic Wollumbin Mount Warning caldera, Osho Samaya Ashrama is a celebration of life, providing an ideal atmosphere to relax and reconnect with yourself.

Now more than ever we are ready to welcome friends who have tasted ordinary life in society with successful professional and creative backgrounds and yet are feeling an inner call for deeper meaning, genuine heart connections and a simpler life in harmony with nature.

We are especially keen to welcome friends with skills in landcare, gardening and maintenance to join the Ashram. If you have these skills and are looking for an alternative way to live in a meditative, nurturing environment then please contact us.

Founded in 1994 by Swami Prem Samaya and Ma Deva Anudasi, the Ashrama over the years has evolved into a passionate, inspirational, experiential and transformative commune of resident friends.

Swami Prem Samaya born and raised in Italy, after years of self-enquiry as a disciple and devotee of the Indian mystic master Osho Rajneesh, for the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to the service of everyone who comes to spend some time at his Ashram.

He has entered the final stage of his terrestrial journey, the contemplative one, the sacredness of life. Mostly he now lives in solitude in a secluded part of the land in the company and care of a few devoted friends.

During the past 20 years many hundreds of friends from all over the world have enjoyed living at Samaya, being reborn as an eagle to fly high in the sky.

An eagle’s egg got mixed up with chicken eggs. When the eagle’s egg hatched, the eaglet grew up learning the ways of the chickens. Walking on the ground most of the time and flapping their wings every so often to reach high places. One day an eagle swoops by high in the sky, and he saw the eagle walking amongst the chickens. The visiting eagle lands and talks to the one on the ground: “Hey! What are you doing there? Look at you – you are not a chicken. You are an eagle. You can soar! You can fly higher than anyone else. You belong to the sky!”

"Memento Mori, Morituri.
Ergo, vitam gaudeamus,
vitam celebremus, vitam vivamus."

Be mindful of death, we are really going to die.
Therefore, rejoice in life, celebrate life, live life.


• Life at Samaya

The sunrise streams through your cabin windows, gently rousing you from sleep. The forest takes a deep breath...


• Meditation

Meditation is the language of spirit. It is the gateway through which you arrive to the mystery of freedom.


• Gallery

Many have experienced Samaya Ashrama. Here are some pictures of those who have come before.



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